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Beauty and Brains: The Med Student Who’s Taking the Modeling World by Storm!

Beauty and Brains: The Med Student Who’s Taking the Modeling World by Storm!

Who said intelligence comes at the cost of beauty? For years, women have been heavily categorized in society – and unfairly so – where you either fit into the beauty standard or the smart category only; since society is unable to accept an attractive woman that is up to beauty standards as someone who could also be smart or have other talents. Although we have come a long way, it is still a convention strongly held in Hollywood and throughout the entertainment industry, which modeling is loosely but surely connected to. However, Shineth is here to debunk this stereotype.


Shineth Baroso is a driven student that is pursuing a medical career with high aspirations, but here’s the thing: she also models on the side! Shineth is living proof of how beauty can come with brains and vice versa, and that you’re never entitled to choose either one or the other.


Shineth started off with modeling at the astonishing age of 12 in the Philippines, where she’s originally from, before she moved to Dubai with her family, which only helped accelerate her modeling hobby! Shineth explains that she always did modeling as a side hustle, more as something she enjoys doing in her spare time, alongside her very inspirational main career goal, which is to become a doctor.


As she experimented around with modeling, Shineth luckily stumbled upon the greatest opportunity of her young career when she was recruited by one of the largest multinational cosmetics and beauty companies in the world, L’Oreal. Shineth recalls that day, when she simply went for an appointment to get her hair styled, and her hairstylist turned out to be a L’Oreal employee. The employee then referred her to the company, and before she knew it, Shineth was at a photoshoot for L’Oreal’s expansive haircare line!


Unquestionably, this helped propel Shineth into so many further opportunities that would have been otherwise far-fetched. Even though this was just a side job, day after day it is becoming a more serious career option for Shineth as she inspires countless young girls to do what they love, regardless of what stereotypes this may entail.


Shineth encourages other girls to follow their dreams and do what they enjoy – although she is pursuing a very serious and busy career in medicine, she is a great role model for showing others that you could enjoy doing what you love, no matter how much you believe it contradicts with your lifestyle or “image”.