Zywa Beta App - Referral Terms & Conditions

  1. Each new teen user who registers on the Zywa app will be registered as a unique user and will be automatically enrolled to receive their Zywa card on launch only after their parent completes their KYC.
  2. For any and each new user referred by an existing Zywa user(referrer), the referrer will accrue a credit of AED 25/- on their Zywa card account.
  3. For any new user who registers on the Zywa app as a referee (using a referral code shared with them), AED 10/- credit will be accrued to their
    Zywa card account.
  4. Each registered user is required to complete the KYC of their parent on the app as per steps mentioned on the Zywa app.
  5. Any amount of credit accrued on the Zywa card account by referral of a new user will be available to the referring Zywa user only once the friend they referred has completed the KYC on the Zywa app and;
  6. The accrued credit on the Zywa card will be unlocked only after AED 50 has been loaded to the card, from the Zywa app and 3 spend transactions are complete.
  7. Zywa Payments DMCC reserves the right to conduct a thorough investigation in cases where there may seem to be some discrepancy in conducting identity verification of any of the registered users to ensure a fair referral reward guaranteed to all its unique, registered users.


Spend transaction means any purchase transaction that is made using the Zywa card by the cardholder at any merchant within our outside UAE. E- commerce transactions will not be considered as spend transactions for the purposes of earned credit activation.