raazin anwar

Young Photographer Captures Local Community

Young Photographer Captures Local Community

Photography is the art of capturing memories and if done right, it could show more than just a visual scene and entrap the emotions of the moment. Raazin Anwar is a master of that art. Since the age of 14, he has been exploring the world of photography and experimenting with different techniques. Today, his photographs transport the viewer into a different world from their first glance.


During the last four years, he has immersed himself in the world of photography, meeting people from all walks of life with a passion similar to his. Raazin has always been involved in the world of arts and took part in many creative pursuits from a young age. Photography, however, being his favorite form of self-expression, will always hold a special place in his life. 


Back in 2018, when Instagram was becoming increasingly popular, photowalks were becoming more and more known as well. Photowalks were the perfect environment for beginner photographers to network and learn new skills. They were a gathering of photography enthusiasts that go around local areas and capture their essence. Raazin was a more reserved and hesitant person when it came to meeting new people, and in a pursuit for change, he took a chance and decided to attend a photowalk. It turned out to be an incredible experience that marked the start of his photography career, and being surrounded by like-minded people and abundant creativity was an inspiring experience that attracted him to the world of photography.


His passion for photography has transformed his life; not only is it a form of self-expression that he thoroughly enjoys, but he has also made meaningful lifelong connections through following his passion. “My greatest achievement is no award or anything, I’d say it’s the people I’ve met. I am the guy who has crazy stories on how I met so-and-so person, it is sometimes the most random, the most weird meet-ups yet the connections, the relationships just seem to work. I am grateful for each and every person I’ve met over the years,” confirms the budding artist.


Entering the world of photography, Raazin’s biggest obstacle was getting out of his comfort zone. The photowalks were essentially meeting up with strangers, which is quite a difficult feat for an introvert. However, photography needed that risk-taking and courage to connect with new individuals and explore unfamiliar communities. Once he overcame that obstacle and escaped his comfort zone, he felt free. The only thing that stood in his way was the need to do more and push himself further. He needed to take the skills and advice of those around him and make it his own, to find his own style that makes his photos authentic. It was all about practice and the willingness to improve; the more effort you put in, the better the results. With that, he was able to curate his own style, get over creative blocks and many other challenges in order to become the artist that he is today.


Raazin is inspired by and looks up to many local photographers in Dubai, such as Altamash Javed and Gibsterg. They were the first local photographers that he admired and drew inspiration from, with their immense creativity and unique styles. He primarily follows up with local photographers, as they are the ones that are really present in his community and that attracted him to the art. They are the ones he can ask advice from, meet up with and attend their exhibitions.

Currently, Raazin is working on experimenting with new techniques and mediums, delving deeper into the art form. He would like to explore fields such as documentary-making or the creation of impactful photo albums to put his talent into work that can create a change. This is partly the reason why he created a project called The Social Divide. Presently, he is working on developing this project and growing it to create a larger impact. Along with his photography career, Raazin is also pursuing a degree in architecture and is looking forward to exploring the relation between photography and architecture.