Nicholas Maluf

Teen Athlete’s Journey Through the World of Sports

Teen Athlete’s Journey Through the World of Sports

My greatest achievement as an athlete was how I never gave up on sports.” Like many young athletes, 16-year-old Argentinian paddle player Nicholas Maluf’s hours of practice shine through the most when you see him play; his precision, skill, and commitment become very evident. While today his passion for paddle is unquestionable, it wasn’t always his dream. Six years ago, when Nicholas was 10 years old, he attended his first sports lesson in Qatar, except it was a tennis lesson, inspired by his love for staying active. 


Nicholas enjoyed tennis and saw a future as a tennis player, and so to improve his skills he took a huge leap of faith and moved to Barcelona by himself. To him, this was one of his biggest challenges, that forced him to leave behind many of the things and people he loved in Qatar. He had to spend time away from his friends and family for a long time at just 14 years old. During his time there, he was able to compete in several tournaments, winning himself different prestigious awards. Often times we have to make sacrifices for the things that we are most passionate about, and while sometimes this results in great triumph for many, that wasn’t the case for Nicholas.


His practice was halted unexpectedly when he fractured his hip during his practice in Barcelona, forcing him to pack up and return home. While he was glad to be reunited with his family and friends after a long time, he was worried he would never be able to play tennis again because of his injury. But he didn’t let this keep away from sports for long. One day he decided to try out a new sport, hesitant to whether it will be able to get him back into the world of sports once again. Nevertheless, he took a chance and attended his very first paddle lesson, where he fell in love with a new sport. This gave him a path back into the world of sports that he loves so much, and once again he was able to go out on to the court and display his skills and passion.


Letting go of his previous dreams wasn’t an easy process, leaving behind his previous life and routine was quite challenging, especially as he had to leave a country that he spent a while in again. Leaving behind friends and connections that he spent time building during his time training in Barcelona. However, behind that challenge was an opportunity that he did not see coming, after training and working hard to improve his performance as padel player, Nicholas attended his first tournament. That was when all his hard work paid off, he won his first tournament as a padel player, which he described as his biggest achievement as an athlete.


Today, while he does miss his days as a tennis player, he believes that padel is the right sport for him and that he can do great things with it. He quickly fell in love with the sport and now looks forward to practice and upcoming tournaments. Nicholas’s story is one of many that show us that even when life doesn’t go according to our plan, there is always a way to turn it around and make new opportunities for ourselves. In the future, Nicholas hopes to become a professional padel player and will continue to train and persevere till he reaches that goal.