Milena Bterrani

How Dubai-based TikTok star Milena Bterrani is conquering the social media world at just 15

How Dubai-based TikTok star Milena Bterrani is conquering the social media world at just 15

Imagine waking up to hundreds of likes and thousands of followers for doing what you’ve always loved to do. Luckily, we spoke with Milena Bterrani who shed light on how that feels as she experienced it first-hand. Milena, Dubai-based teenage social media influencer, makes lifestyle content showing a sneak peek into her mesmerizing life. From beauty transformation videos, to lip-syncing her favorite songs in the car, her content will keep you engaged and leave you intrigued! 


The TikTok influencer currently holds 71.6k followers on TikTok and 56k on Instagram at only 15 years old. But where did it all begin? When speaking with Melina, she discussed how content creation and social media have been a life-long passion. Since she was four years old, Milena was super comfortable in front of the camera and filmed herself all the time! So it’s no wonder the young influencer is such a natural in front of the camera. Ironically though, Milena had been enjoying social media from a very young age, but didn’t reach much success until recently via TikTok. 


In fact, Milena credits her supportive parents a lot on how she got to where she is now. “My mom used to dress me up and take photos of me,” Milena says, and claims “she always keeps me on trend.” The TikToker’s parents have massively encouraged her online career, even through difficult times. Social media isn’t easy – posting your life for others to see is inevitably going to spring you with negative people and comments, but Milena reassures that her parents have been a big support through such times that may challenge her social media career. As a rapidly growing social media influencer at 15, she offers some words of wisdom to others starting a similar career path: “just don’t let others bring you down or stop you from doing what you love.”


Milena goes on to explain that the impressive numbers from her social media following are likely a result of the viewers’ interest in her lifestyle. Just taking a glance at Milena’s TikTok will reveal videos in her creatively gorgeous bedroom, or at fun spots around the city, or just hanging out with her friends. 


When discussing her future, Milena seems to be on the right path! Since she was a child until now, she has been immersed in the social media world, having grown up in the digital era. Looking forward, Milena hopes to establish more relationships within the influencer world by doing more collaborations and building a network, with the overall end goal of just being successful within social media.