we are hiring interns!

we are introducing a one month internship program for teenagers (ages 15 to 18) to be a part of all the exciting activities behind the scenes with zywa. we are a team of  hustlers that are looking for new minds and new ideas. our aim is to create a healthy and dynamic environment for teenagers to have the best possible work experience. these bright young teenage minds will be mainly working with the growth team. based on their performance, they will be offered an opportunity for a full-time internship.

Application Process
To apply for the program teens would have to
  1. Make a tiktok video that showcases Zywa and tag us (or)
  2. Make a documented plan on how they would use their connections to reach the targeted downloads for the month. (or)
  3. Surprise us by showcasing your best talents to promote Zywa.
teens can choose min. of one of these options to apply for the program and out of them a total of 3/4 teens will be selected to join the program in one batch.

Incentives from the Program

  1. Zywa Merch
  2. Zems and Zyons
  3. Startup Experience
  4. Fast track applications for future job openings at Zywa
  5. Stipend of AED 1000 + Performance based appraisals.


One mandatory question asked during the interview is your feedback of the application and suggestions for changes to be made.

Please make sure to download the app and sign up, and share your valuable feedback and insights.


zywa teen internship