we take work hard,

play hard to the next level.

why zywa?

We’re a diverse team with a passion for making something people love, and we work tirelessly to make it happen.

Sounds like a place you would like to be?

we walk the talk

what we stand for



we’re straight up,
no bs


we’re in it together, no matter what



we get it done, no

big goals, big perks

work from anywhere

hellooo bali!

cool gadgets

only the best for the best

unlimited snacks

free food, anyone?

health insurance

we got your back


it’s on us


stocks for all

trusted by
the buzz

positions open

teen Internship program (1 Month)

United Arab Emirates / (On-site/remote)

we are introducing a 1 month internship program for teenagers (ages 15 to 18) to be a part of all the exciting activities behind the scenes with zywa. we are a team of hustlers that are looking for new minds and new ideas

campus ambassador program (6 months)

United Arab Emirates / (on-site/remote)

we are introducing a 6 months campus ambassador program for university/ high school students to help promote and grow Zywa in their campus and earn rewards and perks while studying